A veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.


Director: Joseph Kosinski

Writer[s]: Joseph Kosinski (graphic novel original story) , Michael Arndt (screenplay), Karl Gajdusek (screenplay)

Starring: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga KurylenkoAndrea Riseborough


Another installment in Tom Cruise’s “I’m not too old for this shit” campaign of action adventure films, Oblivion is set about 65 years in the future after planet Earth has become unsuitable for human life, and Jack, played by Cruise, and his partner Victoria, played by Riseborough, work together to fix drones that scan the planet for the last of the resources and the last of the alien Scavs, the “mop up crew”.

Jack witnesses a ship crash, and upon inspection finds humans in deep sleep pods, and also finds that his own drones are firing on and killing them. He manages to save one, which holds a familiar face from his dreams: Kurylenko’s Julia, who has been asleep for 60 years. When Julia and Jack go to retrieve information from Julia’s ship, they are captured by the Scavs, who turn out to be humans, lead by Beech, played by Morgan Freeman. Among his ranks is Sykes, played by none other than Game of Thrones‘ very own Mikolaj Coster-Waldau. The Scavs don’t kill Jack and Julia, but rather reveal some life-changing information.

Here Cruise isn’t some bland super field agent as he’s been self-cast in the past, but rather a guy [who is still highly trained] who longs to remember his past and to live on his rightful home on Earth. You know what to expect from him, and you get it. Cruise has become somewhat of an annual one-man action movie actor/producer that churns out quality, entertaining films on a regular basis, albeit nothing really new or surprising.

Oblivion is 2013’s first big budget action film, and for the first time in a while, I find the logic and story of the movie believable and achievable. The technology isn’t that insane, and the plot points and technological constructions are reasonable, at least in comparison to most of the other recent sci-fi films I’ve watched. This is an important factor for me as a viewer, for if the story is just completely inconceivable, I find myself checking my phone a lot or getting some concessions throughout the movie instead of paying full mind. The film is a bit of a thriller/mystery as well, and plays a lot on the revealing of information, so I’ll make sure not to say any more.

If you want a little taste of the twist, here is a very vague clue [don’t read if you don’t want to]: Moon.

Director Joseph Kosinski follows up TRON: Legacy with another sci-fi adventure film with crazy awesome visuals and a soundtrack by another electronic music producer M83. This production combo is not as vibrant or memorable as TRON, but is still very attractive and effective. I loved the color palette, sets, visual effects work. The Glass tower where Jack and Victoria work from is actually real, and an extremely large screen was put outside of it with real footage projected onto it, and it looks awesome.

My Rating

3/4 – A solid, fun sci-fi story with good visuals and audio, but seems just the tinniest bit flat.


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