World War Z


United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.


Director: Marc Forster

Writer[s]: Matthew Michael Carnahan [screenplay], Drew Goddard [screenplay], Damon Lindelof [screenplay], Max Brooks [story]

Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos


World War Z really struggled to become an actual film. A cinematographer change lead to a huge delay and many reshoots, along with a re-write and other delays along the way, and I feel like to movie suffered because of it. I’ll preface this review with the fact that the movie couldn’t hold my interest very well, so I wasn’t really paying full attention. But that fact gives you a good idea of how poor I thought the movie was.

In basically a one man movie, Brad Pitt was fine. He is about as “A-list” as you can get, so you know he’ll do his job well. Other than that, the characters don’t get much screen time, other than Brad’s in-film wife played by The Killing‘s Mirelle Enos, who gets a different look from her tv character, and its fun to see.

Apart from the performances, and even the written performances themselves, are lackluster and lost, and lack conviction. I couldn’t find a theme, a driving force, a mood, or any real backbone, and that is the fault of both Marc Forster and the writers. With a re-written adaptation, which I hear is almost nothing like Brooks’ novel, we are left with literally no back story or development for our character[s], and the film progresses pretty quickly and doesn’t inspire or grant the viewer the opportunity to emotionally attach to the people on screen, which is hugely important to create a lasting effect or a truly enjoyable experience. The action and thrills are all telegraphed, and I just found the entire production bland.

In relation to the zombie media world, which is losing a little steam but still a hugely popular genre these days, it is the first film I have seen where a previous conception of zombies exists, and they acknowledge and attribute that fact. It is also a fast paced take on zombies, and adds some cool little discoveries and solutions, but ultimately nothing too fascinating.

My Rating

1/4 – World War Z didn’t start as “just another zombie movie”, with it’s big budget, Bradd Pitt starring, and popular book as a base, but after re-shoots and re-writes, the final product is bland, heartless, lacks conviction, and is really “just another zombie movie”.


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