Seven Psycopaths


A struggling screenwriter inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends kidnap a gangster’s beloved Shih Tzu.

Writer/director Martin McDonagh was the creator of the 2008 film In Bruges, which was probably my first and definitely my favorite movie of this style of dark comedy. This production uses a very similar style of comedy, but you can rest easy, for this film isn’t quite as dark and gross, although you still might not want to watch it with the easily offended.

The film stars Colin Farrell [who also starred in In Bruges] as Marty, and the story is actually a narrative of itself. It follows Marty, a screenwriter, as he tries to write a movie called ‘Seven Psychopaths , and throughout the movie Marty and his friends will foreshadow entire chapters of the film before they happen as they work on the script. It’s a neat vehicle to carry a film.

Also starring is Sam Rockwell as the best friend Billy who runs this dog borrowing business with Cristhopher Walken‘s Hans that is the source of all of their trouble in the film when he steals a psychopath named Charlie’s dog. Charlie is played by Woody Harrelson after the initial casting of Mickey Rourke fell through. All of the characters created in this film, other than Marty, who is technically supposed to be Martin McDonagh himself, are psychopaths, and they are just ridiculous and hilarious. Charlie is some kind of bossman that kills people just for taking his dog, who he weeps for after he finds he is missing. Hans is the most normal of all the psychopath  but Walken still provides some great laughs, like the scene where he refuses to put his hands up when a gun wielding assailant orders him to [seen in the trailer]. Farrell and Rockwell are a good one, two punch; Farrell being the writer out of his element and Rockwell the one comfortably in his.

The film is a little sporadic in the first half, and it can be a little sadistic and strange, but it really comes together to create another McDonagh crime comedy with a unique and hilarious style of humor. The final showdown scene between Charlie and Billy, among other scenes, had me genuinely laughing out loud. Although not as good as In Bruges, it was a satisfying and entertaining comedy.

My Rating

3/4 – A little sadistic and strange, ‘Seven Psychopaths’ is a Martin McDonagh ‘In Bruges’ style comedy that isn’t quite as great, but is still a satisfying, entertaining comedy.


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