Take This Waltz

Take This Waltz is the story of Margot [Michelle Williams], who while being married to Lou [Seth Rogan] for 5 years, falls in love with her newly acquainted neighbor Daniel [Luke Kirby].

Writer/director Sarah Polley brings a really delicate, plain approach to her film. The soundtrack used is of the style that I really love and envelopes me in the moment, and there are a few moments that are really love-able. Williams and Kirby are great cast selections and fit right in with the style, giving good, personable performances. Even Rogan, who I don’t think has ever had a role as toned down as this, was really good.

Her style is not without fault, however. The product as a whole was a little slow and bland for my taste. Nothing really stirred the pot throughout.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the movie, I think it has potential to be thoroughly enjoyed by other viewers than myself. I feel there is a lot of insight included, and some people might very well love it.

My Rating

2.5/4 – ‘Take This Waltz’ is a simple, delicate film capable of a few really good, warm scenes, but ultimately falls on the bland side of things.


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