Robert Pattinson stars as Eric Packer, the son of an infamous businessman and president of a hugely successful population. The film covers his trip across the city in an attempt to get a haircut, but this is no normal day.

This is going to be a less than normal review of a film for me, because honestly, I don’t know if I understood a single thing about this movie. The dialogue that the characters use throughout the movie is dense and long-winded, using an extremely wide array of vocabulary. David Cronenberg has written some weird/obscure stuff in the past, like eXistenZ, and this project is just that. I don’t know what this huge business did, and I don’t know what most anyone’s motives were, and I didn’t understand most any of the symbolism. I’m not sure if I would call the story sloppy, it was just almost as if it is given to you in a different language.

Aside from being deeply confused by most of the subject matter, the film from a production standpoint was awesome. I really liked what Cronenberg did from behind the camera, the shots, lighting, and the overall mood was consistent throughout and fit well with the type of story being told. Everything was dark and strange, and the film never strayed from that. The performances were decent, but all of the characters seemed to be void of all emotion, so the actor’s work wasn’t really a focal point. I think the story was the main objective of the film, but it was lost on me.

My Rating

2/4 – Writer/director David Cronenberg has created one of my favorite pieces of directorial work this year, but his story is dense and utterly confusing, and was lost on me and I fear will be lost on most everyone else.


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