Lola Versus

After seeing 2010’s Greenberg, I thought that Greta Gerwig would get a bigger role and blow up onto the film scene. I thought she had some real romance/comedy role potential. She’s got that that certain look and attitude that I thought could really work in the business. Clearly that has not been the case, as this film is her first lead since I saw her back in 2010, and only her 3rd real film she has participated in. Maybe this is her break out film, or maybe I’m just completely wrong. Only time will tell.

Gerwig plays Lola, who just turned 29. Her boyfriend Luke, played by Joel Kinnaman [The Killing, Safe House] (who seems to be in everything these days), has just proposed to her, and everything is great. Then, three weeks before the wedding, he breaks up with her. Now Lola has to find herself in the life of a single nearly 30 year old woman.

I’m going to get right to the point. There wasn’t really anything in this film that had me interested or entertained. The only funny part of this ‘comedy’ is one character Lola meets at a deli who is one of the strangest characters I have seen in a long time. He is really quite ridiculous. Other than that, the comedy is obvious and seemed pretty half-hearted.

Nearly every point of the plot doesn’t even need predicting. You just know it’s going to happen. Gerwig brings what I liked about her in Greenberg to the role, with a little less weight and definitely less interest. The other characters are very bland as well.

My Rating

1/4 – Lola Versus stars Greta Gerwig, an actress who I really think could develop into a successful and funny actress, but has chosen poorly to be the lead in this boring, less than funny film.


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