The Cabin in the Woods

When watching and reviewing a horror/thriller, it is always better to know as little as you can coming in, because the main purpose of the film usually involves a surprise or a secret. This fact makes it pretty hard to review such films, but this film has received a lot of attention from critics and movie-goers alike, so I decided to give it a go.

5 college friends decide to go on vacation to their friend’s cabin in the woods on a lake in a remote location where they can be disconnected from the world. Although when they arrive, you find that that is the exact opposite of the reality. As strange horrors arise and threaten their lives, these friends must find a way to escape and survive the cabin in the woods, although it won’t be easy when everything and everyone is controlled by an outside force.

One of the tagline genres tied to the film is satire, and what the movie does satirically is what I really liked. It plays off both the typical horror film like Friday the 13th and our being entertained by people being slaughtered. I found it to be a really smart and funny idea.

Beyond the satire, however, is a bigger plot-line that has to do with ancient rituals and other such things, and I really feel it was a mistake to have that be the driving idea. Sure, it gave the story an actual concrete purpose, but I couldn’t help but think it took away from the satirical ideas, which is pretty much the only thing I liked about the film.

My Rating

2/4 – The Cabin in the Woods is not only a horror/thriller, but also a play off of the genre. It has a really new and unique idea behind the plot, but I can’t help but feel they took it in the wrong direction.


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