Man on a Ledge

As a police psychologist works to talk down an ex-con who is threatening to jump from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, something bigger is in the works.

IMDb [6.6/10]

RottenTomatoes [31% | 19%]

In 2002, the film Phone Booth came out, and as a 12 year old kid the movie was really interesting to me. A film based around a single person who is in one spot for the entire movie. I thought it was a good movie, and that main concept of a single person in a single place has intrigued me since. Man on a Ledge is another thriller with the same kind of idea, a man on a ledge. I hope the movie is more thrilling and thought out than the movie title.

Sam Worthington [Avatar, Terminator Salvation] plays Nick Cassidy, a former cop and an escaped convict who rents a hotel room, eats a nice breakfast, and then climbs out onto the ledge of the building, where he is quickly seen by a pedestrian and police and media arrive on the scene in minutes. When the police make contact, he asks specifically for Lydia Mercer, a police psychologist who had a suicide victim jump to his death off of the Brooklyn bridge just a month ago, played by Elizabeth Banks [40 Year Old Virgin, The Hunger Games]. Soon after the incident starts, you find out that Nick has an earpiece in, and his brother Joey, played by Jamie Bell [Billy Elliot, Jumper], is communicating with him from a building nearby, where Joey and his girlfriend are committing a crime while all eyes are Nick.

The movie is put together by writer Pablo Fenjives and director Asger Leth, two men who have never worked on the big screen. While they both have some background in their crafts, nothing has ever been wide released like Man on a Ledge was. Both men didn’t really take any risks with their work, with all aspects of directing being 100% standard, and the story not making any unexpected or complex twists or turns. It’s just a film put together for the entertainment of the masses, and it did an okay job. The cast is really recognizable, and they do a good job, which is the biggest component in entertaining the viewer.

My Rating

 2/4 – Man on a Ledge is about as unique and daring as it’s own title, but with its recognizable and able cast, it does manage to entertain.


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