The Sitter

A comedy about a college student on suspension who is coaxed into babysitting the kids next door, though he is fully unprepared for the wild night ahead of him.

IMDb [5.6/10]

RottenTomatoes [22%, 25%]

Jonah Hill came into the movie scene as the quirky, inappropriately funny overweight guy. That worked really well for him, and he’s had a great start to his career with that style. In 2011, he surprised everyone with his dramatic performance in Moneyball, for which he received a nomination for best supporting actor from the Academy, and his loss of weight. The Sitter is Hill’s return to his familiar form, at least at first glance.

Noah Griffith [Hill] is a college student not really going anywhere and has no job. When his mother needs him to babysit for her friend, he grudgingly agrees. There are three kids he has to watch, all with their own crazy personalities. When his girlfriend tells him that she’ll have sex with him if he gets her some drugs, he takes the kids on a night long adventure through hell and back, and ends up finding out a lot about himself and helping the kids do the same.

Yeah, not really.

I don’t know which is more lacking in the humor of this movie: taste or actual humor. The Sitter tries to be the stoner-esque comedy that director David Gordon Green and others have found a lot of success with in the past several years. It misses really badly in it’s attempt to be that. In a comedy that revolves a lot around children, the humor is misplaced. I think I laughed once, but certainly no more than that.

Now I know what Roger Ebert meant when he said said how tired he was of movies like this. Filled with cliches and unoriginal content, this movie has been made dozens of times before, some of them with Jonah Hill in them as well. Most of the characters are detestable, none of them likable, and all of them dry and unintelligent.

My Rating

 1/4 – The Sitter is Jonah Hill’s return to the lovable overweight comedic role, but the return product is anything lovable. Or funny.


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