The Muppets


With the help of three fans, The Muppets must reunite to save their old theater from a greedy oil tycoon.



If you told me two years ago that both Winnie the Pooh and The Muppets would be resurrected in feature length films in the same year, I would have thought you were as slow as Pooh Bear. But as it turns out, you’d be right. Two childhood classics both brought back to the big screen, and both critically successful. I’m glad to see such films come out that I know I will enjoy and get a little blast from the past.

Co-writer Jason Segal stars as Gary. Gary has a brother named Walter, who is himself a muppet, but he doesn’t quite know it yet. Walter is also the biggest fan of The Muppets in the world. Gary and his girlfriend of now 10 years, Mary, played by Amy Adams, are going to hollywood for their 10th anniversary, and he invites Walter so they can all visit the Muppets Studio. When they arrive, they find out that an evil oil tycoon, Tex Richman, played by Chris Cooper, is planning to buy the studio for the oil that lies underneath it. Walter and company manage to find Kermit to tell him the distressing news, and the gang uses a well-placed montage to recruit all the old Muppets to join to cause to fight back. By a stroke of luck, a television executive gives them a 120 minute slot in two days to use to try and raise enough money to save the theater.

While some of the voices are clearly different than the ones we all know, we get to see most all of our old friends, and their personalities as well. I read somewhere that some real Muppter enthusiasts weren’t thrilled with the characters coming into a movie without it being done with some of the most essential people behind the original productions, but times change, and people change, and I’m just glad that we get some version of the Muppets, and this one is nearly exactly what we all know. Still, I miss Jim Henson’s company’s work, and I could feel that this was a different production.

The amount of A-list extras in this movie is ridiculous. I don’t know how they got all of these people, maybe it’s because they all loved the Muppets when they were younger as well, but I don’t care. It was fun to see all of these people. If you want to know who this entails, I’m going to name them. Get ready. Here they are: Alan Arkin, Bill Cobbs, Zach Galafinakis, Ken Jeong, Jim Parsons, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Schaal, Donald Glover, Emily Blunt, Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Black, Dave Grohl, Selena Gomez, Whoopi Goldberg, Rico Rodriguez and many more. I know, right?

This movie also really increases my liking of Jason Segal. The other film that he wrote and starred in, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is one of my favorites, and nearly everything else that he is involved in, like How I Met Your Mother, is awesome. To see someone who has a passion for a childhood favorite like Segal with The Muppets, and take that passion and work as hard and long as it takes to get it resurrected is really cool. I don’t know any other story like it in movies recently. Very cool.

I thought I would come out of this movie ranting and raving about my new favorite movie of the year, a classic, a 4/4. It came really close to that. This movie is really well made, really fun, and really funny. It was a great way to spend 102 minutes. I think it just lacked a small amount of kick to push it to the next level and reach a 4/4. I want to say I’m disappointed to say that, but this movie was not disappointing in the slightest.

My Rating

 3.5/4 – In ‘The Muppets’, Jason Segal and the Muppets need to put on an extremely entertaining show. They did just that. Muppet fans of old and Muppet fans of new will all be delighted to see the old gang back together in a really fun movie.


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