Countdown to the Oscars! Day 4 – Actor

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

Who I think will win: Jean Dujardin

Who I liked the most: Gary Oldman / George Clooney

The best actor category has to be the best category this year. All of the nominees were incredible, and I honestly don’t think my favorites will stay the same for more than a day, other than who I think will end up actually winning the award, which we can all probably agree on: Jean Dujardin.

Dujardin was awesome. Everything about his performance blended beautifully with the film’s style. He’s an incredibly gifted physical actor, and he is going to win this award, rightfully so.

I have been a huge fan of Gary Oldman for a long time now, and ever since whatever incident with the Oscars long ago happened, this is huge for him to get this nomination. He really did earn it with his performance, even though I don’t find it deserving of a win, I think he won over me in terms of my favorite performance of the year.

George Clooney would be my choice for the second best performance overall for the year, just slightly behind Dujardin. There is an very remote chance that he can win this year, but regardless of he does or not, both Clooney and Alexander Payne have really outdone themselves, and this movie will be a favorite for many for a long time.

Brad Pitt was also great in Moneyball, and I didn’t get to see A Better Life.


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