Countdown to the Oscars! Day 2 – Supporting Actor

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Who I think will win: Christopher Plummer

Who I liked the most: Christopher Plummer

What a category this year. It is filled with hollywood veterans and incredible actors, who all did amazing in these roles. Even Jonah Hill came out and proved himself worthy, something I personally didn’t expect to see.

Beginners was a charming, lovely movie. I really enjoyed it, and the best part about it was Christopher Plummer. The character, based on writer/director Mike Mills‘ own father, is really fun and genuine, and Plummer reflected that wonderfully. I loved this performance, and knew that he would get huge recognition for it as soon as I watched it.

I didn’t get to see My Week with Marilyn or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, but I know the acting caliber both of Kenneth Branagh and Max von Sydow is really high. I would give Nolte the second place prize here, as I liked the movie Warrior even more than Beginners, and he was spectacular in that. And again, Jonah Hill was really surprising, and he deserves this nomination.

Beginners review

Moneyball review

Warrior review


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