Countdown to the Oscars! Day 1 – Supporting Actress

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

Who I think will win: Octavia Spencer
Who I liked the most: Octavia Spencer

You know you’ve got a good cast of a movie when two out of five nominees for best supporting actress in one year are from the same movie. ‘The Help’ produced many of the top performances of 2011, and it is from their pool of actors that I think the winner will be produced.

Octavia Spencer has won many of the other supporting actress awards [BAFTA, Golden Globes, SAG], and it is her that I believe should win this award, and is the one who I’d most like to see win. This is her first real, hearty role as an actress in a dramatic manner, and she was great.

Melissa McCarthy is also deserving of note, as she surprised everyone who watched Bridesmaids with her raunchy humor. In one of the funniest movies in years, especially one with an all female main cast, she was the anchor of the comedy.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see ‘Albert Nobbs’ and ‘The Artist’, so my views are a bit skewed.


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