Weekly Review Schedule

This semester of school I have started to schedule my out-of-school activities by week, and I find that it has done wonders in terms of cutting back on procrastination and time management. With my desire to write a lot more on this blog, I think having certain days of the week dedicated to writing about certain things will be beneficial to myself and my readers.

So, I’ve come up with the following tentative schedule:

  • Sunday
  • Monday – [Netflix instant queue movies/shows]
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – Movie Preview [Preferably for something coming out the next day]
  • Friday – [Something fun for the weekend, maybe not even about movies]
  • Saturday – Movie Review

If I were to stick to that schedule, I would probably write at least one other article throughout the course of the week, putting me at 5 articles a week, which I think would be spectacular.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Weekly Review Schedule

  1. I’ve recently thought about doing something similar to help me cut back on procrastinating. first step: no video games at night unless hw is done. And I want to do more with my blog as well. gl hf.

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