Super 8: The Countdown

Big Announcement: Super 8 to open, in limited theaters, a full day early. Scroll to the bottom of this post to read more.

Super 8: IMDb

Super 8: RottenTomatoes

Get Excited! Super 8

RT ratings [June 4, 2011] : 13-2 [1-0] 87%

RT ratings [June 6, 2011] : 20-4 [3-1] 83%

RT ratings [June 7, 2011] : 24-5 [4-1] 83%

RT ratings [June 8, 2011] : 32-8 [4-1] 80%

This movie has been the twinkle in my eye for at least a year now, and I want to follow it in every way possible until the day I see it, a week from today. I’ll google search that shit every day, reading whatever comes out about it, most every review, to see if this is as special a movie that I think it is going to be.


June 8 – So I’ve decided to go ahead and watch Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, which is very similar in general plot. A certain town is rocked by something we can’t quite explain. It also is a Spielberg film, one that really shows his style of film-making, one that I’m sure will be mimicked in Super 8.

I recommend it to everyone. This is actually my first time watching all of it all the way through. It is available to stream on


-The first top critic on RT to review is Richard Cortliss, for TIME magazine, who does a nice job summarizing the movie in his fresh review:,8599,2075217,00.html

-The first negative review from a top critic comes fromPeter Debruge of Variety


-New Collider interview with JJ himself.

-Interview with Kyle Chandler, the lead adult role.


Super 8 to Hit Theaters a Day Early in Twitter Promotion


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