X-Men: First Class’ Initial Reception

I just wanted to make a quick post for any and all who are questioning the coming film X-Men: First Class, as whether it will be good or not. Well, the way I make my film seeing choices is off of critics reviews, and so far, this movie has done pretty well for itself.

34-1 fresh ratings on Rotten Tomatoes from all of the critics who are accepted there, with a 3-0 from top critics.

Some quotes from the reviews:

“It’s good, clean summer movie fun where the money they spend is up on the screen — with actors and effects — so that we won’t mind spending our money on it.” – Roger Moore

Orlando Sentinel
Top Critic IconTop Critic
“It’s remarkable how many things “First Class” gets right, whether it’s the decision to have characters speak different languages as the film’s frequent globe-trotting dictates, or the casting of Fassbender and McAvoy.” – Justin Chang

Top Critic IconTop Critic
“Audacious, confident and fueled by youthful energy, this is a surefire summer winner for a wide global audience.” – Todd McCarthy
Hollywood Reporter
Top Critic IconTop Critic
These reviews and scores are much higher than Thor’s, a movie which I thought was the best comic-book movie of this recent era. This really gives me hope for the future of action and comic book movies, if one summer can raise the standards so much with back to back films.
I guess I’ll wait and see how I feel about it until Friday. Stay tuned for my own review!
UPDATES: Review now at 50-1 for all critics, 6-0 for top critics. Ridiculous!
FINAL EDIT: The score has been knocked down to an 87%, 116-18 all critics, and 23-9 from top critics. Not as incredible a finish as it started, but still a very high score for the genre. Can’t wait to see it.

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