Get Excited! – The Muppets

With the help of three fans, the Muppets must reunite in order to save their old studio from a greedy oil tycoon.

I could not tell you how excited I was to see a cornerstone of my childhood entertainment coming back to life. That alone drew me in to this movie, but what I found after looking into it was ridiculous. Jason Segal is apparently the one behind this whole thing happening, and he has written the screenplay and holds the executive producer title. Not many people know that he wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I thought was really very good, so I think he has the talent to carry this project. Another thing is the cast. Christ on a cracker the list of people is huge. I have no idea what sort of roles any of these people are playing, but the list of people in the movie includes:

Zach Galifianakis
Hobo Joe
Emily Blunt Emily Blunt
Amy Adams Amy Adams
Ed Helms Ed Helms
Selena Gomez Selena Gomez
Jason Segel Jason Segel
John Krasinski John Krasinski
Neil Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris
Jack Black Jack Black
Danny Trejo Danny Trejo
Rashida Jones Rashida Jones
Ricky Gervais Ricky Gervais
Katy Perry Katy Perry
Eric Stonestreet Eric Stonestreet
Donald Glover Donald Glover

… and many more. That is a ridiculous list. This movie will probably get bashed by critics, and looked over by most everyone over 7 years old, but not this guy. I will be seeing this in the theater.

I will try and update this with info in the future, as I do not really know too much about it at the moment. Stay tuned!




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