Tron: Legacy

With enough 3D movies coming out this year to sink the Titanic, and a less-than-stellar reception for the original TRON, TRON: Legacy had most people doubting its pre-release hype. But this movie has had my attention ever since it was announced that Daft Punk would be doing the entire soundtrack for the film.

This is the first time in recent memory for me, maybe ever, than a headlining musical group has done the entire soundtrack for a movie, and I have to say, this was one of the most incredible things to experience in a movie. The type of sound that Daft Punk brings to the table is so unique and electronic that I don’t believe anyone else could have done such a great job for this movie. Having had the soundtrack several days before I saw this movie, I knew what to expect coming in, and it still blew my mind. As far as the actual movie goes, I was pleasantly surprised.

Everyone knows that the main attraction for the movie is the visuals. I’ve heard some disappointed reviews of this, but I can’t imagine why. The 3D is subtle and very well done, and the entire virtual world of the Grid looks absolutely gorgeous. The lighted suits and cities are just so incredibly sleek that I instantly fell in love with them. I would buy one of those suits right now if I could, I don’t care how much it costs. I would imagine that the same technology was used to create the young Flynn from Jeff Bridges that was used to make the avatars in Avatar. You could tell it wasn’t actually him, but it was pretty close to completely realistic. I was seriously impressed. The sound effects were also pretty awesome to match the music and sights. The acting was pretty good, in particular Jeff Bridges, as you could probably have guessed, and Garrett Hedlund as Bridges’ son. Along with a pretty good acting job, you also get to look at Olivia Wilde for a good amount of time, and let me tell you right now. In that suit, you won’t really care what she says. Or thinks. Or does.

One thing that wasn’t so great for me was the storyline. I won’t spoil it at all, but overall it was an alright plot, other than the ending. It wasn’t necessarily predictable, but I think that it should have been different.

Other than that, this movie was awesome. Looking and listening to any scene was never boring, and there were a few laughs thrown in there, but for the most part, it was pretty intense action. This movie would be great for people of any age and culture. If we step back and look at this movie, it really is amazing how far we have come if you go and look back to its predecessor from 1982.

My Rating [See it, Rent it, Skip it]

See it, and see it in the biggest theater you can. Also, see it in 3D. I was unable to attend the IMAX showing, but even in 3D at my regular local theater, it was quite a ride. One of my favorite movies of the year.


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